Quality Documents

CQuell performs a variety of safety and efficacy testing. All products undergo multiple safety studies before they are sold. Products are further studied for efficacy through our advisory board and clinical partners. Raw ingredients are subject to inspection and analytical testing to ensure that they meet our quality standards and don’t contain unwanted contaminants.

Each finished batch is 3rd party lab tested for pesticides, mycotoxins, metals. We also test for potency to verify CBD and other cannabinoid content. Certificates of analysis for third-party test results for each production batch can be found here: 

CQuell Eczema Relief Cream
Lot Number:

CQuell Moisture Locking Balm
Lot Number: 6222B-20069

CQuell Spot Treatment
Lot Number: 6226B-20059

CQuell 0.1% CBD Body Oil
Lot Number: 6223B-20059