Meet Our Founder

Our founder, Jon, and his son Jackson, are the original inspirations behind CQuell. In 2012, Jackson was born with eczema & allergies, and at about 3 months old was first prescribed potent topical steroids for his eczema. Jon was working for a major pharmaceutical company and had access to medical expertise and resources, so he began asking if it was ok for children to use topical steroids and if there were any side effects or complications.  What he found was disturbing. Topical steroids were not supposed to be used for more than a few weeks a time. Further, the consequences from continuous use included skin thinning, skin reddening, and even making the original skin condition worse. Frustrated, Jon & his family searched for viable alternatives, but there didn’t seem to be any. So, Jon and his family used steroids sparingly, but they hoped for more natural, effective products that didn’t have these negative consequences. 

By 2015, Jon had joined the emerging cannabinoid industry, and was a founding member of a group that built operations in multiple states in the US. One of Jon’s roles during that time was to manage a team of scientists and advisory physicians to determine medical applications of the plant. After months of digging through peer-reviewed studies, the team landed on a direction that they wanted to investigate further. In a word, inflammation. Lab research indicated that cannabinoids, oils, and other parts of the hemp plant could decrease inflammation. However, many research hurdles stood in the way. How could it be studied? How could the products be both accessible and affordable? Jon proposed an alternate idea to studying a clinical condition: CQuell, a cosmetic company focused on plant derived, dermatologist approved formulations for dry, irritated, and sensitive skin. 

Ever present in Jon's mind were the day to day symptoms of eczema-prone skin:  including itch, irritation, and redness. Beginning in 2018, CQuell’s team set out to address a primary question: could a product that contained hemp and cannabinoids be formulated so that it was non-intoxicating & didn’t irritate skin and even improved these symptoms? CQuell has performed over 9 clinical studies to investigate the safety and efficacy of their products. While much still needs to be done in the form of double-blinded & placebo-controlled studies to determine the efficacy of individual ingredients, CQuell products have proven to be safe and effective in each subsequent study.  In fact, CQuell is the first company with a hemp-derived ingredient to have earned the National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance. 

Jon remains focused on his primary job as an Eczema Dad, and continues in his day-to-day role as CQuell’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), leading the company’s manufacturing, formulation and partnership efforts. 

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. CQuell does not treat underlying skin disease. Always consult with a Physician before stopping prescription medication or trying alternative treatments. CQuell has not been studied in children.