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Through scientific research and a commitment to those living with dry, itchy, irritated skin; our mission is to develop improved, hemp-derived and dermatologist-approved options to care for sensitive skin.

The CQuell Story

The CQuell story starts in 2016 when our team of researchers, physicians, compounding pharmacists and other scientists came together to approach an ambitious project: which components of the hemp plant could be used to help people while avoiding intoxicating effects? We were surprised by one of the results: the plant and seed oils, along with specific terpenes and other naturally occurring hemp-derived molecules could be soothing when applied to dry, sensitive, and itchy skin. This revelation sparked four years of research, culminating with the launch of CQuell.

Helena Yardley, PhD

Director of Research

Peter Lio, MD

Clinical Dermatologist

Vivian Shi, MD

Clinical Dermatologist

Jack Korbutov, PharmD

Compounding Pharmacist

Always Safe for Sensitive Skin

CQuell products are extensively tested for safety and formulated without harsh terpenes and known irritants like masking fragrances, dyes, lanolin, parabens and formaldehyde.